Meet the Team

<p><strong>Stephen Gibson ACII</strong><br />
Managing Director</p>

Stephen has over 25 years of working in senior roles within the travel insurance and personal lines high net worth sectors.

Stephen Gibson ACII
Managing Director

<p><strong>John Inwood</strong><br />
Commercial Development Director</p>

Over 25 years senior leadership & underwriting experience within large insurance groups, a specialist in SME, Commercial, Corporate and International markets.

John Inwood
Commercial Development Director

<p><strong>Tim Ward</strong><br />
Finance Director</p>

Group Finance Director role within a large specialist insurer, overseeing significant growth of the company before joining Avid in 2011 with responsibility for our financial management. 

Tim Ward
Finance Director

<p><strong>Lee Longley</strong><br />
Property Underwriter</p>

Lee has over 15 years account management experience, specialist in underwriting and statistical analysis of niche commercial insurance.

Lee Longley
Property Underwriter

<p><strong>Joanne Coughlan</strong><br />
Business Manager</p>

Joanne has responsibility for client account management including policy wording, marketing and distribution planning to final scheme delivery & implementation.

Joanne Coughlan
Business Manager

<p><strong>Tom Dunkerley</strong><br />
Data & Analysis Manager</p>

A qualified accountant for over 10 years, Tom has coupled his finance skills with his in depth knowledge of insurance to provide a dynamic approach to financial and insurance reporting.

Tom Dunkerley
Data & Analysis Manager

<p><strong>Dan Baldwin</strong><br />
Underwriting Analysis Manager</p>

Specialising in the design, production & application of highly detailed scheme performance systems, Dan uses his 15 years   industry experience to provide high level reporting.

Dan Baldwin
Underwriting Analysis Manager

<p><strong>Judy Nugent</strong><br />
Underwriting Development Manager</p>

An experienced insurance specialist with responsibility for client liaison to maximise conversion of business in specific areas. Provides detailed reporting to support growth.

Judy Nugent
Underwriting Development Manager

<p><strong>Claire Holden</strong><br />
Finance Manager</p>

An experienced insurance & financial servces professional, Claire manages the smooth running of all Avid's financial transactions, suppling MI to assist in decision making. 

Claire Holden
Finance Manager

<p><strong>Andrew Daykin</strong></p>

<p>Commercial Underwriter</p>

Andrew has 10 years' experience in the property & commercial combined markets, specialising in underwriting, account management and product development.

Andrew Daykin

Commercial Underwriter