Social Housing

Over the last 6 years Avid have provided tailored buildings, landlords contents and Property Owners Liability insurance services for over 80 Registered Social Landlords across the United Kingdom. These range in size from small specialist organisations to large Associations responsible for in excess of 50,000 units.

Operating as a Lloyds Cover holder enables Avid to have full control over the underwriting and servicing of insurance policies for our customers. This also allows Avid to benefit from the financial strength and security of the Lloyds insurance market. (A+ Standard & Poor)

Our underwriting and pricing team have in excess of 35 years’ experience of assessing, responding to and delivering customer’s needs in relation to insurance based solutions and have been actively involved in the Registered Social Housing sector for the last 10 years so have a strong understanding in this area.

By working closely with our carefully selected partners and insurance brokers we have developed an insurance solution which is tailored to the needs and risks that a Registered Social Landlord may face.  Avid Insurance’s philosophy is to take a holistic approach when reviewing and managing a registered social housing risk and looks to incorporate the needs of a landlord, as in the following examples: 

  • Review of any large buildings which an Association own or is responsible for to ensure these have suitable cover in place. This can incorporate insurer surveys of these buildings if appropriate
  • Analysing raw data from organisations such as the Housing Regulator enabling benchmarking tools to be produced
  • Analysing an Associations claims data and trends and providing suitable commentary around these. 

Contact John Inwood or one of the team for more information & receive a bespoke proposition based around your and your customer’s individual priorities and needs.

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